About LifeCycle Meats®

Jesse_Stevens-222x222LifeCycle Meats is the vision of Jesse Stevens, a successful entrepreneur, corporate controller, and Iowa native. Growing up in a farm family, Mr. Stevens recognized that many beef, hog, lamb, and poultry farmers have been producing the quality products heavily sought by today’s discerning consumers for many years. However, the infrastructure to process these animals and effectively communicate each farmer’s individual story to the customer has not existed…until now.

LifeCycle Meats is actively building the infrastructure that has been missing in our meat industry for the past several decades. Founded in 2011, we have been working with farmers, community leaders, and state governments to assess the need for community slaughter facilities and bring meat products to the market that align with consumer demand. We are now creating the operational model, systems, and services required to help communities and farmer investors take back control of this key aspect of the meat processing industry.

We are developing animal care protocols, implementing traceability technology, and bringing top quality products to market at a premium price. Our target customer is the discerning consumer who purchases meat in a more conscious manner. We are able to market effectively to people who choose meat products based on their personal values and are willing to pay more for desired attributes and certifications. These distinctions include Raised Naturally, Grass Fed, Free-Range, Added Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, Non-GMO, and other unique product qualities such as special genealogies.

In addition to founding LifeCycle Meats, Mr. Stevens is also the founder, originating board chairman, and unit holder of LimeSprings Beef®, a sustainable beef processing facility slated to open by the end of 2014 in Lime Springs, Iowa.

With an experienced team of architects and builders; technologists and meat industry experts; and financial, operational, marketing and sales professionals, LifeCycle Meats is committed to:

  • Developing a network of locally owned animal harvesting operations that are sustainable through product demand, inclusion of environmentally and socially responsible practices, and profitability of the business model.
  • Providing consumers with reliable labeling that certifies the USDA distinction for the product, the plant that processed it, and information about the farm that grew the animal.
  • Innovating ways of reducing the animals’ stressful experience in the transportation and slaughter process.
  • Dramatically expanding the opportunity for farmers to create profit while maintaining their family farm operations.