Our team offers the following services to communities with local and farmer investors seeking to build, own and operate a LifeCycle Meats facility.

Development Support:

All counsel and technical assistance to move from concept to functioning entity is provided, including:

  • Creation of Board of Directors
  • Raising of capital
  • Securing banking relationships
  • Plant design, permitting, and project construction management
  • Facility branding, website creation, and consumer marketing
  • Animal tracking system from farm to package
  • USDA Certification
  • HAACP monitoring system
  • Production and inventory control system
  • Financial modeling, policies, procedures, systems, and practices
  • Recruitment of Executive Management
  • Farmer supplier network and protocols development
  • Sales plan and customer base development

Operational and Sales Support:

Under an ongoing network affiliate agreement, LifeCycle Meats can provide:

  • Participation in a global sales network
  • Regional Marketing services & website maintenance
  • Human Resource services
  • Operating Procedure development
  • Financial systems, including all licensing requirements, federal and state reporting, and shareholder communications
  • USDA record-keeping and reporting systems
  • All certification record-keeping systems (e.g., All Natural, Grass-Fed, Sacred Foods, etc.)
  • Tracking technology and implementation assistance